Who We Are

Our experience and expertise will take your grow to the next level

Our History and Future

White Glove Botanicals was founded to meet the growing needs of local cannabis farmers, researchers and developers. Our decades of experience in South Africa's now booming green economy has produced a wealth of knowledge and networking. We have nurtured these relationships and those with our international partners to offer you a menu of tailor-made solutions.

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The Correct Equipment and Planning

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Plant for Success

Optimize your environment and budget by planning for success. Our team has the experience and resources to assist you personalized solutions.

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Experience Matters

We have been at the forefront of cannabis growing and processing for over a decade. Our journey has included everyone from to home growers to leading international brands.

Turnkey Products

Browse our range or ready to go products or contact us for personalised quote. Our network and partners will save you time and money on top shelf equipment.

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GAP, GMP etc

Good Agricultural Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices are essential for both you and your clients. Ensure that you don't overlook any components of your operation. We have experience with seed to sale solutions.

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