The Aqua-X system is a professional-grade irrigation control system. It is easy to install and is a fully customizable, modular system.


The Aqua-X system is designed to control up to 30 separate irrigation zones. In addition, the Aqua-x monitors pH / EC and water temp as well as to monitor actual growing medium moisture levels by using up to (8) Water Content Sensors. The timers can be set-up to be recycling timers, or to operate at specific time of day and durations.


With the free TrolMaster App, the user can access all of the settings and alerts on the system from anywhere at anytime.


The Aqua-X has a LCD display and 6-buttons to allow the user to change setpoints and access functions on the Aqua-x. The timers can be set-up to be recycling timers, or schedule timers with 12 individual customizable irrigation schedules that can operate at specific times of the day with different durations. The ON Timers can be set as low as 1 second. OFF times can be set down as low as 1 minute.


A maximum of 5 control modules can be connected to each Aqua-X. Users can manage irrigation times for nutrient tanks or Dosatron systems. Trolmaster recommends using the Aqua-X system to control up to 30 individual outputs. The Aqua-X also offers pH, EC, and water temperature monitoring as well as historical data logging. The user also can monitor the moisture level of the growing medium using the optional WCS-1 sensors.



Your purchase of an Aqua-X controller includes:

1 x Water Detector

1 x Touch Spot

1 x 12V Power Adapter


You can add to your system

OA6-24 24V Control Board:                                Max. 5pcs per set

DSP-1 Program Device Station:                          Max. 5pcs per set

Water Detector:                                                Max. 30pcs per set

Water Content Sensor:                                      Max.  8pcs per set

AMP-2 Sensor Board:                                        Max. 1pc per set

PCT-1 or PCT-2 EC/Temp Sensor:                       Max. 1pc per set

PPH-1 or PPH-2 pH Sensor:                               Max. 1pc per set


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